Academics Career Advice And Career Prospects of BCA:-

I.T Sector is one of the major employment providers in India and is expected to grow more in the coming years. BCA, that stands for Bachelor in Computer Application, It trains students in developing, programming, networking, computer and mobile softwares, app development, etc. If you’re hard working and talented enough, your 3-year BCA degree can stand at level with a 4-year B.Tech degree. Let’s learn more about the scope of BCA.

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Career after Completing BCA:-

# What You Learn:

In BCA, you will learn about some interesting subjects like 'C', C++, JAVA, Computer Networking, Mathematics, Computer Programming, Database Management Systems and, Software Engineering. Besides the core compulsory subjects, students can choose from a wide variety of subjects as their pathway elective or minor elective.

How Choosing Electives Can Shape Your Career:-

Although, choosing electives thoughtfully might not sound like a big deal in your first year. However, they make a huge difference to your career. For example, if you want to study further after BCA, you can choose pathway electives like Artificial Intelligence, or if you’re looking forward to adding more skills to your resume to find a good job, you can opt for pathway electives like Javascript, Front-End Web Development, App Development, etc.

Jobs for bca graduates:-

BCA graduates have good scope in jobs as a Web Developer, Web Designer, Network Administrator, System Manager, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Software Tester, etc depending on the skills you acquire during your BCA.(Sem 1st,Sem 2nd,Sem 3rd,Sem 4th,Sem 5th,Sem 6th).
Various companies, organizations, and MNCs offer the above-mentioned jobs to BCA candidates. Some of the top MNCs that hire BCA graduates are Wipro, Infosys, HCL Technologies, TCS, Capegemini, Tech Mahindra, etc.
The average salary of BCA graduates in India as per is INR 3.4 lac per annum.

Higher Education after BCA:-

Pursuing Master of Computer Application (MCA) after BCA adds to your computer and programming skills.
With MCA, you can get an even better salary package.
Concluding Words on Scope of BCA.
BCA offers loads of opportunities to students who are always ready to learn and are not afraid to work hard. It’s worth noting that acquiring a graduation certificate in BCA isn’t enough to compel the employers to hire you. One needs to be open to learning new skills and grabbing opportunities coming their way. Usually, students start working on online gigs during their college. This helps them gain experience and learn about real-world challenges. If you’re someone who is always open to new experiences, then the I.T. sector will welcome you with open arms!